Website development
Website development


Website development

We love what we do and believe in the work we create in order to help you achieve great results in the digital space.

Concept and planning

A successful business is based on a good concept or idea. We start website development process with an idea to meet business goals and create a successful tool for the digital world. Good idea will later be very handy in the design development process because the shapes, colors and fonts will not only be beautiful, they will represent an idea behind the design that will carry a strong message.

Adaptive design development

Streamline offers modern, high quality and functional website design that will leave a professional first impression on your visitors. While creating a design of your custom website, we will take into account your wishes, objectives, target audience, functionality, usability, clarity, color preferences and other wishes of yours. Design is a communication language, art, functionality and feeling – from it will depend on whether the person opening your website will be interested in it or will leave it after the first 10 seconds and return there just to amuse.


Streamline provides HTML/CSS cutting services. HTML/CSS cutting is done by writing each HTML/CSS code line by hand thus providing a W3C standards compliant and clean code, as well as better website performance. HTML/CSS code is optimized for the major web browsers (Firefox, IE, Opera and Safari) and the code is not based on tables so search engine robots can have a better access on website’s information.


This stage of development puts life in your website – a website is being prepared for work. Databases are created. Functions such as e-mail sending, comment insertion, deleting and editing, calendar, image/video galleries, website statistics are developed and tested. Website content management system (CMS) is implemented for the website to be easy to manage. Programming languages that are used: PHP, SQL, JavaScript, Action Script, Ajax, etc.

Testing and usability

Streamline provides web project testing. Testing should be performed throughout all stages of website development. Very important is to detect all errors during the early stages of website development, because those later might interfere with successful project completion. At the end of the website development a complete website testing in carried out, which includes testing of all developed functions, languages, performance and behavior in various browsers.