Web design

Every company requires its own graphic identity to distinguish it from others and leave a positive first impression. Streamline communicates ideas, thoughts and feelings with the help of lines, colors and objects.

Adaptive design

In order to offer modern and relevant website design, Streamline regularly follows the latest design trends in this field and customers are always presented with fresh ideas. When starting work on web design, the first step is to gather information. The information that is needed includes information about the company, its goals, objectives and target audience. Besides that we have to clarify what are the color preferences and what kind of features will be included. When all information has been gathered – you may start working on design.

Logotype design

Logotype development also starts with listening and collection of information. We get familiar with the company business, its business goals, purpose and check out the competition. Once the information has been collected, a process called brainstorming can begin. This process produces ideas, which later are discussed and the best ones of them are picked for further evolution. Then these ideas are presented to the client and he gets to choose the ones that are the best and ones that should be developed further until a result that satisfies both sides is reached.

Poster, greeting card and business card design

Streamline also offers poster, greeting card and business card design.

Latest work