Top torrents of 2012: worlds best torrents, torrent list and bitorrent clients

As the 2012 is over, I wanted to take a look back at the last year’s top torrents, best known torrent websites where you can download torrents for free a list of most used and popular bittorrent clients. Some of torrent websites require registration, but most of them don’t and don’t have any users upload/download ratio which I guess is fair, but still not very convenient. I would like to make it clear in the very beginning of this post, that by writing it, I’m not supporting piracy, the illegal torrents that are breaking copyright rules and I have no relations with these illegal P2P torrent websites whatsoever.

Why torrents are so popular

If we take a look back in the history, we will find that torrents gained their popularity over their predecessors DC++, Emule and other P2P file sharing systems because they had lots of flaws like security issues, the lack of information about the downloaded files and total lack of feedback, no categorization, weak search options etc. Torrent websites offer torrent list that has been categorized, rated, each torrent has description and the website offers finding torrents via easy to use search form. Every torrent can have comments that have other users that have reputation have left and this is how you can tell if the torrent is good or fake. This is the reason why nowadays almost no one uses the old DC++ anymore.

What is a torrent

Torrent is a file that can be downloaded from the internet and afterwards opened via bittorrent client in order to download the contents of the torrent file right to your computer. Bittorrent client is a P2P file sharing software that is used to exchange files between computers. The fact that people are using it mostly for piracy is not what it was intended for by the developers in the first place.

How to use torrents

I’ve heard a lot people saying that they don’t understand torretns and don’t have a clue how they work, how to use or download torrents. In fact it is very easy and takes about 5 minutes to start downloading them:

  • Download bittorrent client and install it on your computer (you can find the best free bittorrent client list below, my suggestion is to go with uTorrent)
  • When you’ve completed the installation, open up your browser and enter one of the torrent websites from the top torrents of 2012 list (down this post you can find the list)
  • Find the torrent that you are interested in, check the comments, torrent rating, try to find out if it is not a fake torrent and finally download torrent
  • Open the downloaded torrent file in your bittorrent client and let the software do the magic, take a glass of milk with cookies and wait for the torrent files be downloaded to your computer
  • Once the torrent files have arrived, you can start using them

Best bittorrent client list

So you want to download or upload bittorrents. To start doing it you will have to download and setup software – bittorrent client. There is a whole bunch of them out there so to help you I have a small list of the best bittorrent clients so you don’t have to struggle choosing between a million.

1. uTorrent

uTorrent bittorrent

This is the best bittorrent software there is right now. It is light weight, very fast, doesn’t take much of your PC memory and uses only 1MB on your hard drive. It is for free, has neat design and doesn’t sell any ads.

2. Vuze

Vuze bittorrent

This bittorrent client is for those who like things that are stuffed with lots of additional features, tweaks, options, e.g. integrated audio and video player, integrated torrent search, remote usage, subscriptions for torrents; it supports usage of torrents on iPhone, Xbox, Samsung, PlayStation portable and Android devices

3. Transmission bittorrent

Transmission bittorrent

People use torrents on Mac computers and Linux systems so this bittorrent is exactly for them. It uses very little resources. It is user friendly, simple and fast. All in all a pleasure to download torrents with it

4. Tixati

Tixati bittorrent

5. BitComet

Bitcomet bittorrent

There was a time when this was the most popular bittorent client. I even was using it myself, but then came uTorrent and I went straight to that one (I guess it was the design and minimum resources it uses). I guess this is what the others did as well, but nonetheless this is a great bittorrent client that many are still using today

How torrents work

There are torrent websites that hold torrents which require registration prior to downloading them and there are ones that don’t and you can start downloading right away. Then there are websites that have download/upload ratio and ones that don’t – the first ones force you to keep the bittorrent client online and share torrents with others so you wouldn’t get banned

Worlds top torrents 2012

Torrent websites are very dynamic organisms that frequently change their hosting providers, countries, servers and are regularly being shut down on copyright grounds. The ones below are the best torrent websites of 2012 and on the time of writing they all are online and fully working

1. The Pirate Bay

Worlds top torrents - The Pirate bay

I guess the most known torrent website which is really struggling for survival because of lawsuits. Still it manages to be alive and each month welcomes about 2 billion people

2. Torrentz

This website doesn’t actually serve any torrents it is more like an index page or a torrent search engine that links to other torrent websites

3. Isohunt

Worlds top torrents - Isohunt

In my humble opinion this is the best torrent website there is right now. You can search for torrents using semantic search help which dynamically can serve results. Very good torrent base and great torrent rating system with lots of helpful comments which really helps to pick the best torrents there are

4. KickassTorrents

Worlds top torrents - Kickass Torrents

5. ExtraTorrent

6. Zooqle

Worlds top torrents - Bitsnoop

Recently created torrent website that already has received huge user recognition

7. 1337x

Worlds top torrents - 1337x

In comparison with many other best known torrent websites this one has a very neat, clean design and user interface

8. TorrentDownloads

9. LimeTorrents

Worlds top torrents - Limetorrents

Currently this torrent website has over 2 million quality torrents which the users of this website confirm as well


Worlds top torrents -

Top Latvian torrents

Torrent websites are changing fast in Latvia as well. The strongest that have still survived are collected in this best Latvian torrent website list

1. Inperil

Latvijas torrenti - Inperil

Very good and up to date torrent list and new torrents are added every day. The main disadvantage of it is that is has private registration and a download / upload ratio system

2. Filebase

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