The benefits of having a website

It is no longer a secret that a website is a great way of attracting new customers and increasing your business profits, but there is a lot more to it. In this article I will list other website benefits that just might change your mind on having a website.

1. Communication

Website can serve as a fast, cheap and effective way to get the message to your clients, subscribers, employees, business partners and sponsors on the latest news, tasks, products, events, changes etc.

2. Ecology

Having a website reduces the paper piles, that are used for booklets, leaflets, brochures. It saves not only the trees, but also energy and materials that are used for paper manufacturing and recycling.

3. Efficiency

Posting FAQ (frequently asked questions) on a website, creating automatic order and payment processing system saves both energy and time for your employees.

4. Availability and recognition

Your website, information and brand is publically available all over the world 24 hours a day, 356 days a year for over 6 500 000 000 people.

5. Speed and agility

Making textual changes takes only a few minutes, which lets you to quickly communicate the latest information on services, products, changes etc.

6. Reaching target audience

Prior to making a purchase, user usually searches the world wide web using search engine (Google, Yahoo, Ask etc.). If your website is SEO friendly and developed correctly, it will be on the first search engine results page and there is a great chance that user is going to end up surfing exactly your website.7.

7. Comfort

Customers can find the information they need at any time. To buy products they don’t even have to leave their apartment, with just a few clicks they can find exactly what they are looking for.

8. Competition

If you have got a website – you are one step ahead your competitors who don’t have it.

Websites have given us the possibility to easily find, collect, share and use information. Carefully designed website is an invaluable tool for increasing profits, brand awareness, saving energy, resources and reducing administrative costs.

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Nauris Kolāts

Nauris is a freelance designer / developer who loves to dig into the UX as much as in the ground for fishing worms. And fishing is just one amongst the long list of his active lifestyle hobbies.

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